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Clint Hooper's 1990 ZR1 Corvette

Have you ever seen a sedate Corvette? Well, you won't see one here either! Clint's 1990 ZR-1 is awesome. The car is red/red (what else?) with 29K miles, VIN #952. The body is basically stock with the addition of a rare 49th Street's rear wing. A Shinoda/Mears or Callaway aerobody kit is planned for the future.

The LT5 engine had been built by Doug Rippie Motorsports to their DRM-500 (475hp) configuration for the first owner. Mods done at that time include ported heads, intake plenum, injector housings, larger 63mm throttle body, Flowmaster exhaust, and custom ECM chip.

Feeling the need for more speed, the car was shipped to the Vette Doctor's shop in Long Island, NY for some more mods. While there, they freshened up the LT5 and added a set of Geoff Jeal (UK) custom intake cams & stainless steel 2" headers, more cylinder head work with titanium retainers, Centerforce clutch assembly, Lingenfelter silicone coolant hoses, and a new Jeal ECM chip. A complete Nitrous Express Gemini twin dual stage nitrous system (150-225-300) will be onboard soon.

Other mods include a Brembo front brake kit w/13.5" floating rotors & four-piston 993 calipers by Movit-DE (Germany), Guldstrand 1G suspension & custom FXE controller chip, OZ Mito 18"x10" & 18"x12.5" wheels shod with Michelin Pilot 285/30/18 and 325/30/18 tires, and Dana 4.27 gears.  A new Dana 44 is being built with new Dana Super 44 4.10 gear set. The current rear end will be rebuilt with a set of 3.07 or 3.33 gears for open road racing events such as the Pony Express 100 in Nevada or the Big Bend Twin 50 in Texas.
The interior has a Kim Baker 4-point roll bar, Simpson five-point harnesses and a Halon fire extinguisher.
For those of you who have never driven or ridden in a ZR-1, you are missing one of the true GT cars on the planet. Driven sedately, this car is capable of pulling down 22-24 mpg @ 80 mph in 6th gear while still being capable of running low 11's in the quarter-mile. Zero to sixty times in 3.9 sec is not uncommon. Stopping distance from 60 mph is under 110 feet.Top speed is 180 mph with the current 4.27 gears and estimated at better than 200 mph with 3.33 gears if the need arises...and it will soon.

License plate says it all!

Clint has owned many Corvettes in the last 30 years but this one is definitely the "King of the Hill". Unlike the last picture here, this isn't the end!

As in all things in life, we move on.  After selling the ZR-1, Clint played with this toy for awhile.